June 23, 2021

The Times of Bengal

Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Newtown Shootout Jaypal Bhullar: Why Pakistani Revolver to Gangster Jaypal! But what about militancy?

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#Kolkata: The Newtown encounter raised the question of the death of country-shaking gangster Jaipal Singh Bhullar. On the one hand, the question is about the security of these elite residences in New Kolkata, on the other hand, the question is about how big the hand of the accused Jaipal was. Detectives are also smelling Pakistan-yoga.

After removing Jaipal’s body from the residence on Wednesday night, several mobile laptops were recovered from the house. Matched a Pakistani pistol. Detectives also found several cloth bags. That bag was made in Pakistan. The question here is what does the Pakistani revolver do to the notorious gangster Jaipal?

One thing is clear to the detectives. Although he covered himself, his comrades formed an arms network across the country. Jaipal, the mastermind of the bank robbery in Panchkula, Moukhali, kept a thorough knowledge of the network from behind. Detectives suspect he was slowly spreading the network to Pakistan as well.

Jaipal’s addition to Pakistan: There are indications in the post of DGP of Punjab Police. On Wednesday, the DGP of Punjab Police wrote on Twitter that Jaipal was involved in international trafficking. And since the Amritsar area is a haven for traffickers, needless to say, Jaipal was perfect for smuggling across the border. Be it drugs or weapons, Dewanewa continues. Did Jaipal himself go to Pakistan? Police are looking for any information on whether he was a militant.

For most of May this year, Jaipal was in Ludhiana where he killed two police officers in broad daylight. After arresting Jaipal’s close associates, the police found out where Jaipal was and then the Bengal Police prepared to raid the Shapurji apartment.

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