Sayani is also recognizing the organization in the light of her popularity, winning the ‘youth’ mind from relief delivery

#Kolkata: He has been the TMC Youth State President for only a few days. In the meantime, Saayoni Ghosh, the newly appointed president of the youth grassroots, has come down to analyze the hair of the organization every day by making rules. Actress Saini was nominated by Mamata Banerjee in the Assembly polls. However, Asansol lost the election from the south center, but Saini’s bite on the battlefield caught the attention of the voters. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has put Saini in the old post of Abhishek Banerjee in recognition of that ‘fight’. And to get important responsibilities in the team, Saini has come down at once.

However, since she became the young president, the political circles have noticed Saini’s way of taking care of everyone. In particular, Saini has addressed youth leaders like Debangshu Bhattacharya as rockstar campaigners on social media. Saini is even posting pictures on social media with all the leaders of the youth organization that she is meeting every day.

This ‘teamwork’ of his is being noticed separately by the grassroots top leadership. Even the young Turkish Saini will make good use of social media in the work of the organization, it is becoming clear in the recent social media activities of the young leader. He is introducing faces like Pooja Panja, Sourav Basu, Parmita Sen, Abhik Majumder, Kailas Mishra, Samrat Tapadar on social media. As a result, the young leader is gaining popularity in the organization very soon, in the same way, the factionalism is also being suppressed due to passion and sincerity.

As soon as she became the youth president, Saini informed that she would come to Trinamool Bhaban regularly. Sit in the office regularly 6 He will fulfill the organizational responsibility given to him with utmost effort. The new youth president wants to work on this issue with the advice of senior leaders of the party including Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee. Saini Ghosh, who quickly became a leader from an actress, is also making it clear that Debangshu, Souravra will be his commander in this work.

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