Solar Eclipse 2021: The first solar eclipse of the year! What to do and what not to do? More details …

This year, for the first time, the whole world is going to witness a solar eclipse. Even if the sun, earth and moon are in a straight line, the sun will not be completely covered because the moon is far away from the earth, according to NASA. However, the ring of fire around the moon, that is, the ‘Ring Of Fire’ can be seen. The eclipse will start at 1:42 pm on Thursday and will continue till 6:41 pm. The ring will meet at 4:16 p.m. According to astrology, the eclipse occurs 12 hours before the start of the solar eclipse. According to astrology, there will be detailed information and advice on some objects during this period.

Advice to follow:

Water and food during the solar eclipse should be kept with basil leaves and durba grass. Then the food can be kept clean from some harmful waves and germs that are created during the ingestion. See eclipses with binoculars, camera lenses, telescopes. The astrologers are basically advising to follow the following rules.

1. Solar eclipses are thought to affect water. So it should be kept in water with basil leaves.

2. Eating also has an effect on food. So it should be cooked and eaten after taking. Or if you have food, you should put basil leaves in it. It is also said not to eat while taking it again. Because digestion is weak at this time.

3. Temples and houses are cleaned after the eclipse is over to reduce the impact of the eclipse. The doors of the temple are closed during the eclipse.

4. The effect of eclipse is more on a pregnant woman. It is therefore advisable to take a bath after the end of the eclipse. Otherwise, the baby may have skin problems.

5. Seeing it with the naked eye has an adverse effect on the eyes.

. According to the conventional concept, there is a change in the use of animals and birds during adoption.

Advice not to do any work:

There are also some restrictions on cooking during the eclipse. It is better not to eat food cooked before taking it. Pregnant women and the elderly should not leave the house at this time. In case of food, adults should eat light food like water or coconut water. No heavy food should be eaten while taking. Do not touch the Tulsi tree, do not go to the crematorium, above all, never see the eclipse with the naked eye. At this time worship or good deeds should not be done.

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