‘Walk in Vaccination’ will be available at the age of 45, a new announcement of Kolkata Municipality

#Kolkata: New announcement of Kolkata Municipality (Kolkata Corporation Vaccine Drive). “Walk in vaccination” is 45 years from now. So far, only 60-year-old senior citizens have received this benefit. People aged 45 and above with Aadhaar card will get the vaccine only when they go to the municipal health center.

Vaccination started again on Thursday at Kolkata Municipal Health Center (COVID19 Vaccine). Covid vaccination was stopped across Kolkata on Wednesday. The vaccination program had to be stopped as the central government did not provide adequate vaccines. Although not enough, some matched, so the Calcutta Municipality resumed vaccination.

The decision was taken after a meeting on covid vaccination on Wednesday, said Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Kolkata Municipal Governing Council. He said that despite not getting adequate vaccination from the central government, the city of Kolkata is far ahead of other cities in India in terms of immunization program. On Tuesday, the situation was such that the program had to be stopped for one day as it could not provide vaccines. Firhad said the program would resume from Thursday at some vaccination fairs.

Atin Ghosh, a member of the Kolkata Municipality’s governing body and in charge of the health department, said that from now on, all people aged 45 and above will be vaccinated if they visit the immunization centers of 144 health centers in Kolkata. So far, we have covered people aged 60 and over. However, the vaccination program will continue in proportion to the amount of vaccines received from the central government.

In addition to the first vaccination, the second phase vaccine will be given in the same way as the covishield and co-vaccine from the centers. Those who have already booked on mobile will get the vaccine in time from that center.

According to municipal sources, super spiders will no longer be vaccinated from municipal health centers. They will be vaccinated from 16 mega centers specified for super spreaders. Firhad Hakim further said that although the vaccination has been done from 18 mega centers at present, the Kolkata Municipality has plans to increase the number of mega centers for super spiders.

Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Kolkata Municipal Council of Administrators, said the municipality has a special center for those who do not want to stand in line and get vaccinated. They can also go there by booking slots on mobile numbers. A drive-in vaccination center has been set up at Bidhan Shishu Udyan, Ultodanga and Roxy Cinema Hall next to Kolkata Municipality and three special centers in South Kolkata’s South City and a mall at Parkcircus. Ordinary people can get vaccinated by making smart booking on mobile from these four centers.

Already, rumors are circulating on social media about the vaccination of cobid. Rumors are circulating that death is inevitable within two years of receiving the vaccine. Meem is being spread saying that those who are taking this vaccine may become infertile. Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Kolkata Municipal Board of Governors, warned that the rumors were spreading and that he had already informed the Kolkata police. He also assured that the Cyber ​​Crime Division of Kolkata Police would take appropriate legal action. Firhad Hakim has requested the people of the city to join hands, I myself have given the first trial with this vaccine. Those who are spreading these are nothing but idiots. The city administrator urged the citizens not to disrupt the vaccination program in this way.

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