June 23, 2021

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100 acres of land – 20 thousand flats and CCTV 3! Happiness of ‘Sukhbrishti’ in the current security

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#Kolkata: The total land area is 100 acres. The total number of flats is 20 thousand. In which there are people in 6 thousand flats. And only three CCTV cameras allocated for this whole area! Also at the three gates to enter again. The information came to light after an encounter between two notorious gangsters from Punjab on Wednesday at the ‘Sukhvrishti’ residence in Spurji-Palonji, Newtown. And then the question arose, why only three CCTVs in such a big housing project? Did Jaipal Singh Bhullar choose ‘Sukhvrishti’ to hide because of this loose sense of security?

After the incident, the police went to investigate and confirmed that Bhullar had come up with a plan to cover up the state and run an arms business. According to that source, Jaipal had rented a flat in this residence in Newtown on May 23. It is seen that the flat was rented by Bhullar to an interior designer of CIT Road. Jaipal uses a website to find a flat in Kolkata. That is the source of the conversation with a broker. The Jaipals informed the broker that they wanted to rent a two-BHK flat at Sapurji Awasan.

That is, it is clear that there is so much housing, and it is more likely to be crowded to accommodate so many people. And that is why the Bhullars chose Sapurji. They even got a flat there. The broker also got commission for this. Moreover, they chose that accommodation knowing that it would be difficult to carry out a sudden police operation among so many people.

During interrogation, the police came to know that the flat rent in this residence in Newtown is 10 thousand rupees per month. However, Jaipal came with rent in advance of Tk 20,000. His contract with the flat owner was for 11 months. The flat owner has already begun to be questioned. Police also learned that Bhullar would not allow anyone to enter the flat to ensure security. I would go downstairs to take food delivery online. But in the end, Bhullar could not keep that security safe.

However, the safety of the entire residence has come under question since Wednesday’s incident. Even the security of the rest of the residences in Kolkata and New Town is now in question.

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