2 months of impossible pain, surgery on dentist’s leg, then

#Kolkata: For two months a part of a thick iron chain was stuck inside the foot of a toothed elephant. Finally, on Thursday, the doctors of the forest department removed the part of the chain by operating on the leg of the elephant.

According to the Forest Department, the toothpick had entered the state from Jharkhand a couple of months ago. The iron chain had already entered his legs. The toothpick came here and rotated in different areas. Naturally, the dentist was suffering a lot from this. Due to the injury, the tooth is in trouble from time to time. “We have been trying for a long time to get the dentist the treatment he needs. We finally succeeded on Thursday,” said a Forest Department official.

A team of six veterinarians was first formed to treat the tooth. The elephant was then anesthetized with a tranquilizer. After that the tooth is chained again. A few forest officials were holding the toothpick with a bamboo stick. After that, the doctors cut the flesh of the back part of the right leg of the tooth and took out the stuck iron chain. The whole operation was done in Bankura.

A doctor in charge of dental care said that if the tooth was rotated in this condition for a long time, poisoning would start in the body. After the operation, some forest workers grabbed the toothpick with a bamboo stick and made it stand up. The doctors then cut the flesh on the back of the right foot of the tooth and brought out the stuck iron chain. The whole operation was done in Bankura. It could lead to the death of the tooth. Now that the surgery has been done, the tooth will gradually recover. Now the forest department officials have decided to keep a close watch on the tooth until it is completely healed.


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