After an interval of about four years, Mukul and Mamata set foot in the Trinamool building together again

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy’s distance with the Trinamool has been increasing since the 2016 assembly elections Mukul’s long relationship with Mamata was severed Mukul Roy joined the BJP in 2016 after severing ties with the Trinamool

But nothing is permanent in politics After three and a half years, Mukul Roy’s car drove out of his Salt Lake home to the Trinamool building, proving the old adage correct. At about the same time, a convoy of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee left her home in Kalighat and headed for the Trinamool Bhaban. On the occasion Mukul Roy joined the grassroots Before that, Mamata is also scheduled to have a separate meeting with Mukul

Mukul Roy left the Trinamool in September 2016 He had stopped going to the Trinamool Bhaban about five months ago As a result, after about four years, Mukul set foot in the Trinamool building

The news that Mukul Roy will join the Trinamool has been floating in the air for the last few days, but he did not have any news before this morning. But it cannot be said that the preparations of the two sides were completed on the ground floor On that day, a Kolkata police vehicle escorted Mukul Roy from his home in Salt Lake to the Trinamool building. On this day, the security of the state police was also seen with him However, Mukul Roy did not want to say anything to the media while leaving the house Son Shuvrangshu is also going to Trinamool Bhaban with him Top Trinamool leaders including Abhishek Banerjee will also be present at the Trinamool Bhavan on the occasion of Mukul Roy’s joining.

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