June 24, 2021

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Black Fungus Scare: ‘Fungus’ panic if you do not? Avoid rumors and learn the truth about ‘mucormycosis’, listen to expert advice!

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Names like Black, White and Yellow Fungus have spread new panic in the minds of people in Corona. Before they understand anything, many lies and half-truths are spreading about them on social media. There is a growing confusion about which. Even after Corona’s victory, there is still a trace of mental instability in the hands of panic. Which can be extremely harmful both mentally and physically at this time.

Which one really? What’s the rumor? What kind of precaution is necessary? Who is more afraid and why? News18 spoke to Dr. Shivbrat Banerjee, a prominent doctor of the city, about these common questions.

Q: Why do these fungal infections occur or are happening?

Answer: In fact, viruses, bacteria, fungi are all around us all the time. But we do not get infected. We become infected by them only when our body’s immune system is weakened or that ability is ‘challenged’ due to some other disease.

Now we need to see what causes our body’s immune system to weaken. It has been observed that the human body’s immunity is reduced mainly due to the following factors.

1) When old 2) If you have sugar 3) Contains steroids, 4) If someone has been admitted to the ICU for a long time, 5) And antibiotics for a long time ) If there is a disease, the resistance to the disease is reduced. For example, HIV, cancer chemotherapy, dialysis, etc.

In this type of situation, the body’s ability to resist germs is reduced. Then different germs can attack.

One such bacterium is the black fungus called ‘mucormycosis’. It stays on the ground. When a Kovid patient is ill for a long time. Stay in the hospital. His immune system was destroyed. His steroids lasted a long time. Sugar goes high. As the body’s immune system gradually weakens, this seemingly innocuous fungus can attack it.

Thinking of death in black fungus ... Symbolic picture 6 Thinking of death in black fungus … Symbolic picture 6

Q: Can this fungal infection lead to death? How harmful can the attack be?

Answer: This fungus can attack different parts of the body. They can attack different parts of the face. This is called sinusitis. This can cause bleeding from the nose. Pneumonia can increase if it attacks the lungs. Blood can attack various organs and even the brain. It can lead to encephalitis, meningitis and even death.

Q: Doesn’t that mean that any Kovid patient can be attacked by this fungus?

Answer: Absolutely not. In cases where someone has covid but his immunity is good enough, there is no risk of black fungus attack at all. There is no reason for such patients or their families to panic.

Question: Is there any basis for the idea that black fungus spreads from fruit fungus or from animal meat?

Answer: Absolutely not. There are some common misconceptions about black fungus that are mostly misconceptions. Which is raising panic with this. Patients are also afraid of the fungus on the skin of the fruit which is called ‘Aspergillus’. But only when his sugar rises alarmingly or long-term steroids are on, dialysis is ongoing, or the body’s immune system is challenged for some other reason. In such cases, the risk of attack by these fungi is very high.

Q: What is the treatment method in this case?

Answer: We give a special medicine for this. This drug is called ‘amphotericin B’. Many times the patient recovers from it. But many times the patient dies. This infection can lead to death, especially if not caught at the right time.

Black fungus, white fungus they were forever. Not a new discovery. And if the immunity is not reduced, they do no harm. It does not even spread from one person to another. There is no fear that they could become the cause of the epidemic.

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