Corona Awareness: Corona Awareness is a Corona Awareness Tool!

#Kolkata: Various propaganda campaigns are going on to save Corona. But many are reckless. Even today. The Kolkata cartoon team has taken initiative to make them aware. Corona cartoon is becoming more and more popular on social media. The cartoonists think that the brainwashing attempt will be successful. Many people are infected with corona virus every day. A class of unconscious people is practically walking out of the virus (COVID19 challenges) ignoring the restrictions where it is safe to stay at home. Ignoring the strictures of the ban, he left his house on the road without any reason. There are many excuses to ask questions. Naka is being checked by the police. However, the police are practically annoyed by various excuses. However, in order to make people understand with their fingers in their eyes, ‘Cartoon spreadind corona awareness’.

The cartoon team has taken this initiative since the lockdown after the first corona wave. Initiatives to make people aware through cartoons are still going on today. Maintain physical distance from government regulations. Using sanitizer, mask. Message to stay at home. Work pressure. The exceptional initiative of awareness among them is undoubtedly commendable. Cartoonists are busy trying to benefit the masses in the midst of office work. Every day, the cartoon team is bringing new cartoons to the public through social media and giving messages to the people.

corona cartoon corona cartoon

A group of socially friendly fellow caricaturists from this city have been working to make people aware by exposing their new minds every day through various means including Facebook. With the application ‘Give More More More Like’. Like- don’t use arm-sharing cartoons then cartoons are making people think differently. Showing the way to survival. On behalf of the Kolkata Cartoon Team, Uday Deb, a prominent cartoonist in the city, said, ‘Cartoons are such a medium that people can easily integrate with themselves. Understand. So this is our exceptional initiative. Corona has challenged our city ever since, but we have been sending a message of awareness to the people. In the words of the artist, we have been able to make many people aware. The popularity of cartoons is being used to color the completely modern look. So now, from drawing cartoons to writing cartoons, dear Bengali. In addition to giving a message of awareness, we want a free society. Says the cartoon team.

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