Dilip is not to remove ‘garbage’ like Mukul, Arji Baishakhi to Shuvendu!

Kolkata: Mukul Roy has returned to his ‘home’ after three and a half years. BJP’s all-India co-president Mukul has joined the grassroots in the presence of Mamata Banerjee. And then the BJP is hesitant about the reaction to Mukul. In the meantime, of course, ‘Nana Munir Nana Mat’ started appearing on social media. On the one hand, leaders like Anupam Hazra call Mukul Roy’s defection a ‘victim of lobbying’, on the other hand, this time they are directly attacking Mukul as ‘Mir Jafar’. Meanwhile, Vaishali Dalmia has appealed to MLA Shuvendu Adhikari, not BJP state president Dilip Ghosh, to remove the party’s ‘garbage’.

Just before the vote, Rajiv Banerjee flew to Delhi on a chartered flight with Prabir Ghoshal and joined the BJP. Then the BJP nominated him from Bali. Although the Trinamool won from Bali Kendra in 2016, this time Baishali lost to the BJP. However, after the vote, the way Rajiv and Prabir started speculating about their return to the grassroots, the same did not happen with Vaishali.

This time, the name of Shuvendu came instead of Dilip in Vaishali’s post, which has sparked speculation about ‘Shibir’ inside the BJP. “I urge BJP leader, MLA Shuvendu Adhikari to get rid of the party’s rubbish as soon as possible,” Vaishali wrote on Facebook. After that, Baishali also told News18Bangla, “I have said this to those who have been wanting to change parties for some time.” But why petition to Shuvendu Adhikari instead of Dilip Ghosh? Vaishali replied, “I will also have this petition from Dilip Ghosh.”

However, a section of the political circles say that an atmosphere like the Mukul Roy-Dilip Ghosh clash is being created in the BJP around Dilip-Shuvendu Dwairath. Shuvendu has already started showing a different ‘charisma’ by going to Delhi and meeting with central leaders including Narendra Modi. In this situation, Vaishali’s plea to Shuvendu is especially significant. Many say that on the day of Mukul’s departure, the BJP’s inner ‘lobby’ once again came to light.

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