Goodbye Chanakya! Repeated calls from Delhi, Mukul did not catch

#Kolkata: Pride, not getting due respect in the party, being left almost unimportant in the Bengal elections – these are the issues that are being raised by the political circles as the reason for the BJP’s severance from Mukul Roy. Although not officially joined yet, Saputra Mukul’s grassroots yoga has also received a response in national politics. Because even though Mukul was virtually unimportant in the Bengal vote, he is the vice-president of the BJP’s Sarvabharati. The importance of that position in the BJP is infinite. And so Mukul Roy’s resignation from the BJP has caused a stir in Delhi as well.

Although the leaders who used to call Mukul for a long time in the morning and afternoon did not make any contact after his wife fell ill or he himself was infected with covid. But as soon as the rumors about Mukul started from Friday morning, various calls started coming from the BJP towards Mukul. Kailash Vijayavargiya, a BJP observer in the state, was on the list along with the state BJP leaders. But by then, Mukul has decided to go to the Trinamool Bhaban. As a result, Mukul did not answer any of the phone calls received from the BJP. Avoided. In other words, he has made it clear that no matter how many calls come, he cannot be stopped. That message has reached Delhi as well. That is why Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “I will not talk about speculation.” The state BJP does not want to open its mouth. State President Dilip Ghosh said, ‘Thousands of workers are still homeless. The main task now is to bring them back home.

In fact, Mukul’s distance with the BJP was building even before the Assembly vote. Mukul shrugged off a number of issues, including not keeping Mukul in charge of the polls, the importance of newcomer Shuvendu officials, and forcing him to stand for election. He was nominated by BJP in Krishnanagar North. Which ‘Raisaheb’ did not want at all. But in the end, even though he won the election, his distance with the party was created.

And in such a context to win a huge grassroots vote. And gradually reduce the distance of the old team with the buds. That effort gained momentum recently with the presence of Abhishek Banerjee at the hospital to see Mukul Roy’s wife. Then came Friday. After covering a distance of three and a half years, Chanakya entered the Trinamool Bhaban again.

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