Madan Mitra introduces dry food at the door Dry foods at door steps to be started by Madan Mitra– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Now dry food at the door. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the ration project at the door. Work on the project has already begun on an experimental basis. This time dry food is being introduced at the door for the people who get help in Kamarhati area. You have to apply to get it by phone. Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra said that even if you use WhatsApp, you will get benefits. How to contact the people of the assembly area. Madan Mitra has already posted three numbers including his own personal number on social media. Where people can communicate, said the MLA of Kamarhati. Number three is 9903389111, 9903378111 and 842066666 where the MLA says to contact.

He said, “I am happy to leave. I have a lot. How many people need how much. It is my job to deliver that help. So I say you don’t have to go anywhere at this time. Those who need help should contact us through these three mobile numbers.” Help will go. ” Incidentally, Madan Mitra has been working to provide food in several areas for the last few days. However, he is always passionate about Kamarhati. That’s why he says, “I am chosen by you. So I am by your side in all your needs.” In addition, Madan Mitra said that to help the people affected by the Yas to stand by.

He gave the example that there are about 100 groups in his constituency who he knows are going to different coastal areas to distribute relief. Even Madan Mitra throws the challenge and says that the people of his area have come to the sea and distributed relief. For the convenience of the people in her area, she has informed where her mother has started the canteen. He said on social media live that he is happy to be able to help the people of his area. In his words, the people of my area do not want any victory. Horse-drawn carriages, money, meat, nothing. They just want to be better. So he says, “My need is one, people love us.”

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