June 24, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Mamata is betting on the message ‘no one is big’, BJP is losing direction in ‘lobbying’?

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#Kolkata: She is the Chief Minister, she is the omnipotent leader of the ruling party of the state. And he was the trump card to defeat the BJP in the Bengal elections. That Mamata Banerjee again explained on Friday that she does not think of herself as different from other leaders and workers of the party. What happened today? After three and a half years, Mukul Roy’s return to the Trinamool was already a matter of controversy in the Trinamool building. After Mamata and Mukul reached the Trinamool Bhavan around 2.30 pm, a meeting was held with the rest of the Trinamool top leadership including Abhishek Banerjee. And after that meeting of a couple of hours, everyone joined the stage.

And Mamata grabbed everyone’s attention from the very beginning on that joining stage. A chair courtesy. The rest of the leaders have plastic chairs, but special chairs for grassroots leaders. But the leader refused to sit in that chair. He instructed to arrange the same chair for him as the others. At the end, the same chair was brought on the stage.

On the political stage, it is not a big deal that Mukul has joined the stage again. But the political circles think that this image is very meaningful for Mamata to present herself in front of the party and the direction of the incident. He actually gave this message to the whole team by wanting to sit in the same chair as everyone else, everyone in the team is equal. Mamata has repeatedly said that the staff in her team is an asset. But not only that, in reality the leader has shown it again and again. On this day it was repeated again.

If this is Mamata’s ‘courtesy’, Abhishek Banerjee is not far behind. Since becoming the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, Abhishek paid obeisances at the homes of all the senior leaders of the party. Which was praised by many. On this day another form of him was seen. Abhishek himself put forward Mukul Roy, who had been rumored to have clashed with him for so long, before stepping on the stage. He is the one who puts the sash on the necks of Mukul and Shuvrangshur.

Even today, Mukul is heard to say, “I had no disagreement with Abhishek.” At the same time, Mamata added, “Mukul never had any disagreement with Abhishek. He was not with anyone. ” That is, the Trinamool leader is silently spreading the message of communism within the party. And this is where the Trinamool is beating the state BJP. On the other hand, Abhishek also tweeted this evening, ‘I welcome Mukul Roy and Shuvrangshu Roy. His difficult chapter in the BJP is over. And not that. This time we will work as a team under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee to give a bright future to the people of India.

The BJP is already suffering from ‘lobbying’. It has become even more public since Mukul left the team. It came to the fore in various ways during the voting period. In fact, the ‘communist’ ideology that Mamata is trying to spread within the party is not possible for the BJP, at least in this state. And that is why the BJP failed to get Mamata from the masnad even after practically carpet bombing in Bengal.

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