Mueller will play in Bayern Salkia Shubh! Proud whole country, Kurnish Mamta

#Howrah: Straight from the zigzag alley of Salkia to the streets of Munich, Germany! What else can be called a dream race! Yes, the dream race is going on for Subho Paul, a footballer from Salkia, Howrah. Bayern Munich have called up Shubh for their Under-19 World Youth Team. And that news has been tweeted by Bayern. The club where players like Mueller and Robert Lewandowski play has written about Shubh, “We are proud to have Shubh Pal.” Undoubtedly, Bengal and the whole country are proud of Shubhar. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also greeted Shubh.

The Chief Minister wrote about Shubh, ‘My heartfelt congratulations to Shubh Pal for getting a chance in Bayern Munich, Germany. In just 16 years, the world has shown good luck, what is the meaning of Bengali football, where football is not just a game, it is an emotion. A moment of pride for the country. ‘

Dad works in a genji factory. Shubh, who once dreamed of buying football boots, will soon join Bayern Munich, one of the best football clubs in the world. Talented footballers from different countries will be called to the trial for the Under-19 team in Bayern Munich, Shubh added. Ghashemeje was fixing his weak places. The results were also hand in hand. Among the football skills and stamina of more than six and a half footballers from all over the world, this young talent from Salkia, Howrah is in the top 15.

In 2016, Bangalore FC was called up for the under-13 team, but in the end it was not possible. The following year, Shuvo got a chance at both the clubs with trials in the under-13 team of East Bengal and Delhi’s Sudeba FC. But surprisingly Sudeba chose FC. Then his talent began to emerge. In the 2019-20 season, AIFF made a splash by scoring 14 goals in the league. This season, I was named in the I-League’s Sudeba FC’s senior team. Shuvo also set a precedent as the second youngest goal scorer in the I-League with two goals in eight matches. The race of his dreams continues. Which finally got a huge dimension. Salkia’s Shuvo will now run for Bayern Munich.

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