New to old! ‘Conflict’ past, Mukul-Abhishek duo ‘future’ of Trinamool

Kolkata: After a long meeting, Mamata Banerjee, Mukul Roy, Abhishek Banerjee, Shuvrangshu Roy and Perth Chatterjee are on the stage. Before the inauguration, behind the buds. But as soon as he went in front of the official joining stage, Abhishek pushed Mukul to get up on the stage. Not only that, Mukul-Shuvrangshu got up on the stage and made the debut of Trinamool. And then it became clear that the conflict was over. For now, Mukul will join hands with Abhishek to spread the Trinamool in foreign states.

Incidentally, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay went to the hospital to see Mukul Roy’s ailing wife, then Mukul’s son Shuvrangshur’s Abhishek-Bandana, above all the Mukul Roy-Dilip Ghosh conflict resurfaced. The path that was being paved was becoming increasingly clear. Eventually the veil fell in that episode. Mukul Roy returned to the grassroots holding Abhishek’s hand in front of Mamata.

On the occasion of Mukul’s joining, Mamata Banerjee said, ‘The son of our house has returned home. Congratulations to him. Old is Gold. Many more will come. But those who went to BJP for money, they never. And Mukul says, ‘I feel very good that everyone who has come out of the BJP and is meeting in the new courtyard knows everyone. It is good to think that Bengal will return to its place. The one who will lead is the leader of all of us, the leader of India, Mamata Banerjee. ‘ It is clear that Abhishek was one of the masterminds behind Mukul’s return home. That debut was worn on the neck of Mukul.

However, the top leadership of the BJP did not fail to try to ‘stop’ Mukul from spreading rumors about his grassroots journey. Narendra Modi himself called him, and even reportedly there was talk of giving Mukul a more important post. But Mukul made up his mind. His reflection was seen in the Trinamool Bhaban that day.

According to political circles, with a landslide victory in the state, the Trinamool is now dreaming of capturing Delhi with the BJP opposition parties. And everyone inside the grassroots knows that Mukul Roy can be the trump card for the expansion of the organization in Vinh State. Therefore, a section of the political circles claimed that Mukul Roy had left the grassroots due to his clash with Abhishek Banerjee.

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