New Town Shootout Follow-up: Sapurji Shootout-Exciting turn! Use SIM BOX to make phone calls? STF officials in the investigation

#Kolkata: The state STF got new information about the Sukhbrishti housing case of the elite Sapurji in Newtown. From murder-rape to drug trafficking, from arms looting to robbery … Bhullar gang is behind one incident after another in the criminal world in Punjab. The Punjab gangster has developed himself technically in the same way that the criminal network has spread. Such information has come to the hands of the state STF. According to intelligence sources, not just mobile phones, the gang has taken help of ‘SIM BOX’ in their criminal activities.

The names of members of the Bhullar gang in Punjab have long been on the police’s most wanted list in the international drug trafficking ring. Jaipal Singh Bhullar and Jaspreet Singh used SIM BOX to keep in touch with drug lords. As soon as this information came to light, the officials of West Bengal STF think that SIM BOX was also used behind the Sapurji incident. Detectives claim that Jaipal and Jaspreet planned to hide in Kolkata after the murder of two policemen. There was a need for shelter in Calcutta. Chose Newtown’s elite accommodation Sukhbrishti. Sophisticated technology may have been used in the way mediators were called to get flats there.

According to experts, those involved in the criminal world take the help of SIM BOX in case of phone calls to hide themselves. Explained by experts as the reason, this technology can be used to sim multiple SIM providers. In case of making a call, only in VOIP gateway i.e. internet technology, phone calls are made. In no way is the GSM gateway effective. This means that ordinary mobile phone calls are not made. Another aspect of using SIM BOX is that any international call will also show as a local call. Even if someone in the country calls using this technology, the investigating agency has difficulty in finding the real number. If you call someone in Kolkata using a SIM in Punjab, SIM BOX, the recipient of Kolkata will show the local i.e. Calcutta Circle number. STF officials are thinking about this. They think that this technology may have been used in Sapurjikand. Because, the mediator or broker was called to get the flat. Those calls may require help from the VOIP gateway.

Meanwhile, according to Punjab police sources, state STF officials have come to know that the Bhullar gang has used this technology to call in drug trafficking cases in the past. Not only that, the police also have information about the use of SIM BOX for ransom in kidnapping cases. So STF officials are looking into the whole matter after this information came to light.


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