Not only son Shuvrangshu, but also Rajiv-Sonali-Sabyasachira in the grassroots holding Mukul’s hand? rajib banerjee, sabyasachi dutta, sonali guha may join tmc soon source– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy left the Trinamool on November 3, 2016 and joined the BJP. Mukul Roy is returning to his old home after three and a half years. After winning the assembly elections on behalf of the BJP, Mukul is about to leave the Gerua camp and start a new innings in the grassroots. Mukul Roy and Shuvrangshu Roy will join the grassroots camp at Trinamool Bhaban this afternoon. But the list goes on. It is learned that there are names of Rajiv Bandyopadhyay, Sabyasachi Dutt, Sonali Guha, Shilbhadra Dutt, Prabir Ghoshal. According to sources, Mukul Roy himself spoke to all of them on Thursday. He also promised to talk to the leader again after returning to the old party.

Rajiv Banerjee joined the BJP before the Assembly elections, regretting not being able to work from the grassroots. Going to Delhi, he picked up the Padma flag from Amit Shah’s hand. Since then, he has been the face of the BJP’s campaign in the state. However, Rajiv lost the election. He has not been seen coming forward since then. But speculation was rife that he might return to the grassroots. Rajiv Banerjee himself gave a seal of approval to that speculation. In a recent Facebook post, he, like Shuvrangshu, commented that the BJP should be self-critical.

On the other hand, Sonali Guha had apologized to Mamata Banerjee a few days ago for forgiving him for making a mistake by joining the BJP. Prabir Ghoshal, Shilbhadra Dutt, has been out of tune since he lost the election. Leaving the Trinamool and joining the BJP, Sabyasachi Dutt, a one-time Daputa leader from Bidhannagar, was never seen in the front row. He then lost the election to Sujit Basu. Since then, Sabyasachi has removed himself from the field of politics. This time, Sabyasachi Dutt has expressed interest in returning to his old team. As a result, after Mukul Roy’s joining today, the political circles are now looking at when the others joined. (Input: Abir Ghoshal).

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