Rajarhat Encounter Update: Is Bharat Kumar ‘Sumit Kumar’ in Kolkata? One mystery after another unraveling …

#Kolkata: The Rajarhat shootout on the outskirts of Kolkata has also beaten the climax of the Bollywood film. The investigation is coming up with one thrilling information after another. Questions are being raised about the security of the residence (Sapoorji Sukhabristi Complex). Khas Kolkata is considered a ‘safe home’ by the miscreants. And in all this, how did the two miscreants get to rent a flat in an elite residence? That was the biggest question. The answer came in the investigation of the arrest of Bharat Kumar in Punjab.

The investigation has revealed that Sumit Kumar and Bharat Kumar are the same person. He rented a luxurious flat in New Delhi’s Spurji’s ‘Sukhvrishti’ accommodation just to change his name and give shelter to his accomplices. At least that’s what the investigators claim. After Bharat Kumar was arrested from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday afternoon, they interrogated him and got such shocking information. And that’s why the eyes of the detectives are almost on the forehead. It is said that Bharat Kumar from Madhya Pradesh came to Bengal and rented a flat in Newtown in the name of Sumit Kumar. Then he left Jaspreet and Jaipal and went back. The presence of these two notorious miscreants in Rajarhat’s residence has raised several questions. There are also many questions about the car they used.

Question 1) How and when to add Madhya Pradesh?

It is learned that after the killing of two ASIs of Punjab Police in May, Jaspreet fled to Madhya Pradesh with four others. From there, Jaspreet and Jaipal came to Bengal through Jharkhand in a car with a Bengali number plate. More importantly, they entered the state directly from Madhya Pradesh via Jharkhand in a car with a Bengali number plate.

Question 2) How did they get Bengali car from Madhya Pradesh?

According to the investigation, the registration of the car with the number WBO24500R had expired earlier. Although it was originally registered with the Department of Transport as a car of Bengal, it was often used in foreign countries. It was a car of Bengal as it was not re-registered. So Jaspreet did not get any obstacle to enter the state. Bharat Kumar also came with Jaspreet and Jaipal at that time in May.

Question 3) How to have a place like accommodation in the rain?

Arriving in Kolkata, Jaipal and Jaspreet started renting the flat number 201 of Akbar Ali, a resident of New Delhi, through broker Sushant Saha. Bharat alias Sumit Kumar returned to Madhya Pradesh. It is also learned that they paid Rs 20,000 as an advance to enter the flat. Monthly rent is 10 thousand rupees. Shortly after Bharat alias Sumit Kumar was arrested from Gwalior on Wednesday afternoon, the STF raided his Newtown residence and killed 15 gangsters in a 15-minute shootout.

Meanwhile, the forensic team of the state police went to the spot on Thursday in the interest of investigation. It is reported that a group of 5 people was there for several hours. Finger prints and footprints have been collected. Sources said they took blood samples and two cracked bullets. Whether anyone else has handprints. The forensic team has collected all these things to know that information.

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