Relationship severed in three and a half years, why disgusting buds in BJP?

Mukul Roy left the Trinamool on November 3, 2016 and joined the BJP Which was undoubtedly one of the biggest blows to the ruling party However, after three and a half years, Mukul is returning to his old home He is leaving the Gerua camp even after winning the assembly elections on behalf of the BJP Not only that, the idea in the political circles was that it would not be easy for Mukul to leave the BJP as his name was involved in a case like Nardar’s. However, the scorched-headed politician Mukul is going to start a new innings by thwarting all those numbers.

But why did Mukul take such a decision in just three and a half years even after getting the post of BJP all-India co-president? The reason behind this is that it is no longer unknown that there are factional quarrels within the state BJP. Because from the very beginning, the incident of division of the Mukul followers with Dilip Ghosh’s group came to the fore again and again. Mukul was brought into the party by top BJP leaders to strengthen the party’s organization in the state and to crack down on the grassroots. Because his organizational skills in Bengal politics are incomparable Lower grassroots leaders from different parts of the state also started enlisting in the BJP through Mukul. After the BJP won 19 seats in the state in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the importance of Mukul in the BJP naturally increased. At the same time, the BJP’s initial-new conflict is even more evident Because as the Assembly elections have progressed since 2019, the number of leaders leaving the grassroots and joining the BJP has been increasing. Most of them came holding Mukul’s hand

It was thought that Mukul and his followers hoped that his success would increase before 2021 after the BJP’s success in 2019. But the opposite is true As the Assembly vote progressed, so did Mukul’s activism in the BJP The BJP has fielded Mukul, who is known for his organizational skills, in the Krishnanagar North constituency. Which Mukul or his followers did not like very much While the BJP was dreaming of seizing power in the state with 200 seats, there is growing anger in the Mukul camp over why a scorned leader like Mukul is not being used. Because after joining in 2016, Mukul repeatedly tried to bring BJP to power in the state But every time he tried that, the politics within the party suppressed him Even Narendra Modi, who is a confidant of Amit Shah, has not been able to resolve the issue even after holding a court in Delhi, his followers claim. As a result, his frustration continues to grow According to his followers, Mukul was de facto confined to his own constituency. However, state BJP president Dilip Ghosh was not fielded in the by-polls despite several party candidates, including Mukul.

Although Mukul won the election, the result of BJP was not as expected Mukul’s anger has also increased instead of decreasing After the defeat in the vote, the BJP’s factionalism also increased On the other hand, messages kept coming from the Trinamool Shibir to Mukul Mukul loves to work with the organization, so it is believed that he decided to return to the grassroots as he would feel comfortable in the old team. Leaders in Delhi may have valued Mukul, but his close associates have complained that the state-level veteran has not received the respect he deserves.

Another explanation is that Shuvendu Adhikari’s joining the BJP may be one of the reasons behind Mukul’s decision. Because the relationship between the two leaders was not very good at the grassroots level Mukul publicly welcomed Shuvendu’s joining the BJP. Mukul had also proposed Shuvendu to be the Leader of the Opposition at the party meeting a few days ago. But in reality the equation was different

Mukul’s followers further claim that although he was given the post of BJP’s all-India co-president in the book, the post is very rhetorical in practice. According to sources close to him, even a mature leader like Mukul has become skeptical about the BJP’s chances of success in the state. Out of disgust with the BJP, Mukul stepped back into the grassroots.

Arup Dutta

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