Sayani Ghosh Shared pictures of Murshidabad TMC distributing money and food to lightning affected families

# Murshidabad: Saayoni Ghosh, the newly appointed President of the Youth Trinamool Congress, has been on the field since he took over as the TMC Youth State President. Actress Saini was nominated by the Trinamool Congress in the Assembly polls. Even though he lost the election, Saini’s bite on the battlefield caught his eye. That is why Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has put Saini in the old post of Abhishek Banerjee. On the one hand, Saini has decided to reorganize the organization to get the responsibility of ‘youth’ and on the other hand, he is carrying out the work in wartime activities just like the election campaign. Sometimes he is reaching with relief materials in the devastated Sundarbans area, sometimes under his leadership the weeds are reaching the dead.

A similar picture was seen in Murshidabad district on Friday. The Murshidabad District Trinamool Youth Congress visited each family of the victims and delivered one month’s worth of food items.

Storms and thunderstorms started from the afternoon of June 6, mainly in different parts of South Bengal. And that is why several people died across the state. The highest death toll is in Hooghly district. 11 people died there. The highest death toll was in Murshidabad. Nine people died in this district. Besides, two deaths were reported in Bankura and two in Medinipur and one in Nadia district. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced financial assistance to the families of the victims. Besides, help was also assured from the state. This time the young grassroots took the initiative to stand by those families.

In Murshidabad, only in Jangipur subdivision, 6 people were killed by lightning. Two more people died in Behrampur. 6 people were injured. Many people were busy cultivating the land when the storm started on Monday afternoon. That’s when the catastrophic disaster came down. Local Trinamool youth leaders met the families in Murshidabad on Friday and handed over food items and one-time financial donations to them. Trinamool youth leader Saini Ghosh shared that picture on her Twitter.

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