“The traitors will not be returned to the party,” Mamata said, sending Mukul home

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy was returned exactly 6 But for those who have betrayed the party just before the vote, the doors of the grassroots are closed Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee made this clear at the Trinamool Bhaban on this day He said Mukul Roy did not leave the party before the election He did not say anything unpleasant against the grassroots during the voting But there are many who left the party before the vote just for the sake of money and power By joining the BJP, he has spoken harshly against the Trinamool Mamata made it clear on the day that such leaders would not be returned to the party

However, the Trinamool leader said at the same time that many more from the BJP would join the Trinamool. The Chief Minister has demanded that the matter will be informed in time The Trinamool leader also hinted that the party could take a softer line on those who left the party along with Mukul Roy.

Many grassroots leaders, including Shuvendu Adhikari and Rajiv Banerjee, joined the BJP before the election. Many like Rajiv Bandyopadhyay, Sonali Guha, Prabir Ghoshal are now reported to want to return to the grassroots. However, the Trinamool leader made it clear on the day that leaders from the BJP who were willing to join the party would be included in the party. However, the door is not open for everyone

“Those who betrayed the party during the election, Mukul did not say a word against us during the election,” she said. It is our party’s decision not to take those who have betrayed the BJP during the elections. Remember there are extremists and moderates ৷ There are some people who left the team with Mukul They may want to leave The team will decide about them But we will not take the extremists who have betrayed us. ” “We are not thinking of those who left the party before the polls for money or anything else,” she said. The party will consider those who are humble and modest. ‘ Mukul also admitted that some leaders other than the party wanted to return to the grassroots with him. However, he did not want to name anyone

Mamata Banerjee further reminded that Mukul Roy did not leave the party in the face of elections He left the grassroots a long time ago However, Mamata Banerjee also commented that Mukul will get peace of mind after returning to the party from BJP From the beginning, Trinamool leader addressed Mukul as the ‘son of the house’ Mamata also said that Mukul will play an important role as before

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