BJP Meeting: Shantanu Thakur is not in the meeting called by Dilip! Gharvapasi is not the head of the state president

# In Calcutta: Although there is no written rule in the party meetings and ledgers in the organizational districts, the unwritten rule is that the legislators will be present when the state president himself is leading the meeting. But it did not happen on Friday. Dilip Ghosh got three of the six MLAs in the BJP’s Bangaon district organizational meeting. Despite being invited, Shantanu Tagore of Gaighata, Biswajit Das, MLA of Bagdar and Ashok Kirtaniya, MLA of Bangaon North did not attend the party meeting. This absence is giving rise to new political speculation.

Shantanu Tagore was upset before the vote over the non-implementation of the CAA. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee’s face-to-face meeting with Biswajit Das in the Assembly raised new rumors. Needless to say, their absence will create interest.

Dilip Ghosh, however, is reluctant to bother with these. In his words, “Many of the team’s workers are homeless, now the priority is to get them back home.” While Dilip is meeting on Friday, a new political format is being formed in Kolkata. Trinamool’s son Mukul Roy is returning. Dilip did not agree to spend anything on this. Rather, he was a little annoyed by the repeated questions and said, what should I do! He repeatedly explained that his main goal is to bring the homeless back home.

It is to be noted that despite being in the same team, Dilip-Mukule never got along but avoided each other. When JP Nadda first came to the ICCR before the Assembly vote, Dilip Ghosh congratulated Nadda in a grand procession. Mukul Roy left the venue a few minutes later. Most of the time he was sitting in the cafeteria feeling uninvited. BJP campaign meeting in Howrah. Mukul Roy had arrived a long time ago but he left the meeting place as soon as Dilip Ghosh arrived with the procession. As a result, there was already an indication that it was not happening. As a result, Mukul and Dilip gave each other relief in the incident on Friday, the political circles think so.

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