Civic volunteer Binod remained on the right path even after receiving the bag full of money

#Kolkata: In the honesty of a civic volunteer, a resident of Kolkata got back the money, necessary documents and several bank debit cards. Vinod Rajak, a civic police officer of Howrah City Police, was handling traffic at the Howrah station premises around 8 pm on June 1. Vinod found a purse while patrolling the area. He opened the bag and found some money and several papers. He not only recovered the bag and deposited it in his office, but also started contacting several phone numbers found in the bag. Civic Volunteer Entertainment began trying to find the owner of the bag. Eventually contact was made with Rezanur, a resident of Calcutta. He took a train from Howrah station and left for work. The police confirmed that the bag belonged to him.

On Saturday, he returned to Kolkata with the lost bag. Several documents were more important than the money in the bag, Rizanur said, adding that he was confident of getting them back. He also thanked Howrah City Police and Binod Rajak. On the other hand, Vinod Babu claims, he has done his duty. Did nothing extra. The job of the police is to help people. That’s what he did. Although currently performing the duties honestly is that exceptional work! Binod Rajak said, “The money in the bag might have been very useful in my family. But as much as I need someone else’s lost money, maybe the real owner needs more! And I never learned to earn money in a dishonest way. So I am very happy to be able to return this bag.

At the moment, there are many complaints about the state’s civic police at various levels. On the other hand, there are many protests among the civic police personnel about their demands. Many civic volunteers have complained that they don’t get the right amount of money every month. The money in the bag was probably more than a month’s salary. Yet that money did not distract him. Vinod Rajak set an example of honesty. He is happy and satisfied with the job of eating day after day, burning in the sun and wearing blue clothes soaked in water.

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