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#Kolkata: Mukul Roy is back, but will his close leaders return to the grassroots one by one? Mukul left the BJP on Friday and returned to the grassroots Mamata Banerjee herself has hinted that the party will be flexible in repatriating those who did not take up extremism or betrayed the party before the vote.

After this, the question arises, but will the return of Sabyasachi Dutt to the grassroots with Mukul close leaders? If the party really returns Sabyasachi in the end, then he will have objections, said Sujit Basu, the fire minister and MLA of Bidhannagar. Although he says publicly, he has confidence in the team and the team leader

While Sabyasachi Dutt was in the grassroots, Sujit Basu’s dispute with him in Bidhannagar was practically unknown to the party and no one outside the party. Clashes have also broken out between Sujit Basu and Sabyasachi Dutt’s followers on several occasions. Former Bidhannagar mayor Sabyasachi joined the Gerua camp after Mukul Roy joined the BJP. In this year’s assembly election, Sujit defeated Sabyasachi from Bidhannagar constituency But with the return of Mukul Roy to the grassroots, Sabyasachi’s return seems to have widened.

Although Sujit has made it clear in close quarters, he has objections to returning to the Sabyasachi team. Not only him, but many grassroots activists following him in Bidhannagar will not accept that, said Sujit. The fire minister has made it clear that he will also inform the party about this However, when asked about this, the cautious Sujit said, “If my opinion is asked, I will inform the team.” Our team is strong in Bidhannagar.

Bidhannagar residents have been saved from the hands of evil forces We have the backbone. We maintain that. And the Chief Minister himself has said who will be taken, who will not be taken. I am relying on the team To date, I have not said anything controversial against the party, nor will I say it I will let the team know if I have anything to say. “

The grassroots leadership also knows that a large section of party leaders and workers will object to the return of defecting leaders before the vote. So the ruling party does not want to rush into this issue Mamata Banerjee also made it clear on the day of Mukul Roy’s joining that the doors of the party will not be kept open for all defectors.

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