In Newtown of Peace, now there is ‘tenant’ panic, thousands of questions are being raised about the security of housing

#Kolkata, Amit Sarkar: Panic does not seem to be receding since the incident of Sapurji’s happy rain. Many prefer New Town-Rajarhat to live in peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But the gangster panic suddenly put its paw on the peace. Two Most Wanted killed two policemen in Punjab and hid in Sukhbrishti Awas in New Town. Searching for them, a block of the residence became a battlefield for about 25 minutes. Two most wanted members of Bhullar gang in Punjab were killed in a shootout between miscreants and police. And this incident showed the dire state of the security system in the housing culture of New Town.

After the incident, just as there have been multiple questions about the security of the residence, the tenant relationship, so the picture of the other residence is almost the same. Residents of various houses in this suburb are in panic. Old Town New Town Balaka. There are a total of 928 flats in this accommodation. There are security guards at the three gates of the residence. There are also closed circuit cameras. But the Sapurji incident has had a good impact on the residents of this residence. Rakesh Gupta has been there for a long time. He is complaining that even if there is a society, the tenants have to stay in the dark. Because about three hundred flats are rented here. In most cases the rent is paid through intermediaries. Even if there are rules, they are not obeyed. Police verification is not in most cases. He claimed that the society should occasionally inquire about these tenants. At the same time, many are demanding that the police conduct a search. A.

Uttam Hui, a resident of Rao, demanded that the police administration pay more attention to security. If necessary, the police station should monitor the entrance of the houses by installing CCTV. Because many times the owner of the flat does not know what the tenant is doing in that flat! Another elite accommodation is Sunrise Point. There are 460 flats here. Housing premises wrapped in CCTV. Security guards deployed at the gate. Despite this, there is panic in the minds of the residents. Resident Subrata Dasgupta alleged that the security guards had to face harassment if anyone came to the gate at night and questioned them. The matter has been brought to the notice of the Housing Society. The emphasis has been on security since the Spurji incident. But Subrata Babu thinks that the residents should be more vigilant. Despite the panic, Swadhin Kumar Saha, a resident of RAK Housing Munbim, said there were no complaints about their accommodation. The society that is here, they are looking for everything. They are also quite careful about security. Regarding the tenant, the housing manager said that the society has information about all the tenants. The documents are searched on behalf of the society after the tenant arrives, as is the case with police verification. However, after the Sapurji incident, it is clear that there is a ban on renting most of the houses.

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