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#Kolkata: Saini Ghosh, president of the West Bengal Trinamool Youth Congress, took a political lesson from party leader Mamata Banerjee at the Trinamool Bhaban. The words of the Trinamool leader came up with the advice to hold the organization of Trinamool Youth Congress in strong hands. Mamata Banerjee herself started her campaign in politics from the youth organization. From that place he advised Saini to move forward on the path of development together with all the members of the organization.

Whether it is the film world or the presidency, the children of the new generation of different universities like Jadavpur are active in politics. The Chief Minister advised Saini Ghosh, President of Trinamool Youth Congress, to work with them. Saini asked the Chief Minister in detail whether there was any special order. He said that in these difficult times, the first thing that is necessary is for the Trinamool Youth Congress to stand by the people in the interest of the people. He also advised Saini to pay special attention to the issue so that the party does not tarnish the image of the grassroots.

Through his advice, the Chief Minister conveyed to the President of the Trinamool Youth Congress that one of the aims of the Trinamool is to move forward on the path of further development in a united manner. Saini Ghosh is also saying that he will go ahead with the development goal in the way shown by the Chief Minister.

Earlier, Trinamool Congress all-India general secretary Abhishek Banerjee had explained to Saini the responsibility of running a youth organization. Before the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, Mamata Banerjee has given the responsibility to the youth to make the party organization stronger. To that end, Saini will play a very strong role in the organization. Saini has been instructed by the party to come and sit in the Trinamool Bhaban every day. From there to keep in touch with the youth leaders every day. Saini said he would soon hold a meeting with representatives of the youth organization. Want to sit separately with the representatives of the district organization. Then he will go on a district tour.

Incidentally, although the Trinamool Congress came to power with a huge majority, several star faces of the ruling party have lost the election. Saini is one of them. Despite losing to BJP’s star candidate Agnimitra Pal from Asansol South constituency, Mamata Banerjee has appointed Saini as the party’s youth wing president. Saini also said without letting go of frustration, we have to fight on the field. Just before the vote, many were surprised by Saini’s joining the flower camp. Many of the actors and actresses of Tolly Para have got a chance to experiment in vote politics this time. Many, of course, got tickets. Several star faces of Trinamool-BJP have lost in the polls. According to a section of the party, Saini’s voting campaign style, her tendency to mix with people, made Mamata Banerjee happy. Therefore, Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee thinks that it is possible to run the youth organization of the party with a Daputa girl like Saini.

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