Mukul Roy Returning in TMC: Why only Mukul Roy Gharwapasi! The perfect grassroots mind game behind this comeback?

#Kolkata: If the results of the 2021 assembly elections are the first example of self-reliance in the context of all-India politics, then Mukul Roy’s family should be called the most divisive of the Trinamool in recent times. This move will help strengthen the grassroots base in all-India politics. Such indications are coming from within the grassroots.

Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee tweeted a tweet from Mukul-Abhishek yesterday. Abhishek tweeted, “I am happy to welcome Mukul Roy, former BJP all-India vice-president of the Trinamool family. He has had to fight a lot in the BJP. I sympathize with him for that. I will. “

Abhishek Banerjee’s tweet-

Abhishek’s tweet has two clear indications. Mentioning the old rank of Abhishek Mukul, he explained that in the game of 64 khops, they have picked up the yarn, not just a sack. Abhishek wants to explain that Mukul Roy was in trouble in the BJP. In other words, it is not that the Trinamool has taken back its old fighter, it is trying to show that the Trinamool has brought the BJP’s all-India co-editor back home.

There are clear indications from the Trinamool Congress that Trinamool’s Jayarath did not stop defeating the BJP in the last assembly. The regional party Trinamool is able to give a psychological blow to the national party BJP. It should be kept in mind that Mukul Roy also mentioned Mamata Banerjee as a national level leader in the press conference. And he has clearly said that Mamata Banerjee is going to lead the national politics from the front in the coming days.

The BJP is saying at the moment that Mukul Roy should resign as an MP at this moment. But like the result of the vote, it is also a shock that is clear in the body language of Geruashibir.

Sources said Mukul Roy may be made the Trinamool vice-president. Since Abhishek himself has made it clear that the Trinamool is going to fight at the all-India level, it is clear that the return of Mukul Roy, who is known to many states as the palm of his hand, is not just a housewife. The impact of this decision is much greater.

-Kamalika Sengupta

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