Mukul Roy | Will Mukul return to the old house? Inside the pair of flowers at the peak of speculation

#Kolkata: There was a time when Mukul Roy was called second in command. Mukul Roy was surrounded by a crowd of different fans of the twin flower camp at the Trinamool Bhaban along the EM bypass. According to political circles, Mukul Roy was the only person after Mamata Banerjee whom the party workers at all levels knew. Similarly, Mukul Roy knew all the workers of the party. Mukul Roy used to sit in the office of Trinamool Bhaban in addition to his own office in Nizam Palace. Speculation has started anew on his return tomorrow, the question of the fans is Mukul Roy returning to the old house of the building again?

Before 2015, Mukul Roy used to sit in a corner room on the ground floor of the Trinamool building. Since 2015, he has been living in a new house next to the Trinamool building. In that house, the political hangout of Mukul’s followers has been going on since the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Mukul Roy indicated that he used to ‘miss’ that house. Mukul Roy says, “I feel good in this house at this time of day. I am meeting old people.” And after that the speculation started.

Since 2015, the Trinamool Congress has distanced itself from Mukul Roy. Before joining the BJP, the former railway minister resigned from the Rajya Sabha on October 11, 2016. He officially joined the BJP on November 3, 2016. Earlier, the Trinamool Congress suspended Mukul for six years for holding meetings with then Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and BJP leader Kailash Vijayavargi. Although all that is now past. The party’s supremo Mamata Banerjee has referred to Mukul Roy as the ‘son of the house’. So it is needless to say that Mukul Roy will sit in the building again.

However, after the voter Prashant Kishore took charge, the inner circle of the Trinamool Congress changed. Now there is a huge hall house. Separate stage for press conference. There is a monitoring cell. There is a separate place for party leaders to meet. The whole office is decorated with ‘Bangla wants its own girl’ in this cutout. Poster-flexed backdrop of the All India Trinamool Congress. As a result the team is now modern. The exterior of the team is now corporate. Mukul Roy can sit in that office. Recently, Mamata Banerjee said, “Mukul will continue to play an important role in the team he used to play.” But where will his seat be! Confirmed news will be available in a few hours.

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