Rajib Banerjee meets Kunal Ghosh | Fishfry, just courtesy exchange in the evening meeting of Ladykini! Rajiv-Kunal provoked another speculation

#Kolkata: Kunal Ghosh was brought by Fishfry and Ladykenny. And to meet his dear grandfather, he, Rajiv Banerjee brought mangoes and diabetic messages. As is the case with courtesy calls. Nitol picture, no room for doubt anywhere. Especially when Rajiv Banerjee and Kunal Ghosh have said on both sides that it is useless to look for any political motive in this meeting. But even after him, the Fellows of Politics say that there is room for doubt in Topse. Rajiv Banerjee and Kunal Ghosh both gave the source. Why would the landlord lock the door of the house during the courtesy call!

In the past, Rajiv Banerjee had posted criticizing the BJP’s policy. His opposition was due to the heat of 358 issues issued by BJP MLAs and MPs. Even today, the same tone of opposition is still in his throat. He clearly said that he did not like the idea of ​​issuing 356 in such a short time. He even admitted that the CAA-NRC was trying to create unrest. In other words, Rajiv is adamant in opposing the position of Shuvendu Adhikari, not the distance he is keeping from the party. While the party is thinking of being strict about law and order, Rajiv says about the idea of ​​Don’t Care, my Facebook post is mine, I am adamant accordingly. Political circles think that Rajiv is trying to convey the anti-BJP message to the Trinamool through Kunal Ghosh. The message is that he is exaggerating.

But it did not happen just by raising the legs. Mamata Banerjee has clearly divided into extremist and moderate. Mamata says those who have made untimely remarks against the team. They have gone to BJP with money and they will not have a place in the party. Rajiv himself seems to have given himself a certificate of moderation in this regard. According to sources, he has never knowingly slandered Mamata Banerjee or Abhishek Banerjee. In other words, in this case too, Rajib is standing against the Shuvendus. If there is no dislike for BJP, if there is no desire to join the grassroots, then why Rajiv will go so far! As a result, the Feludas of politics are saying to extend Rajiv’s leg. The ball is in the grassroots court.

Of course, this story does not end here. There are many but. After coming to power for the third time, Mamata Banerjee raised the first question about Rajiv’s office. The first file was moved to this office. An inquiry has also been ordered. Mamata did not name anyone, but no one had any difficulty in understanding who or what the target was. In this situation, there is speculation about Rajiv’s political future. Dundee says political detectives will end the story, saying Rajeev no longer has the power to ring the last bell. Mamata Banerjee will decide who will get in the chariot and who will be out.

-Input Abir Ghoshal

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