Sumit Kumar arrested from Haryana The real Sumit Kumar was caught! The third person used to go to the flat in New Town, Mill Proof – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: This time the police arrested the real Sumit Kumar in the New Town case According to Punjab Police sources, he has been arrested from Haryana Bharat Kumar had arranged the accommodation of two miscreants Jaipal and Jashpreet by renting a flat in Sukhvrishti Awas in New Town under the name of Sumit Kumar. Police have already arrested Bharat Kumar from Punjab after an encounter in New Town

According to the CID investigation, fingerprints of one person besides two criminals were found inside the flat. That is, there was a third person traveling there Whether this third person was Bharat Kumar or not is being investigated The fingerprint of Bharat Kumar is matched with the fingerprint of the third person found in the flat.

According to police sources, Sumit Kumar went to a police station in Haryana the day after the June 9 shootout in New Town and lodged a complaint alleging loss of Aadhaar card and passport. He claims he lost one of his bags in April That bag contained all the documents like passport and Aadhaar card This is the suspicion of the police Police officials are still questioning why he filed the complaint after the New Town incident, even though he lost his bag in April. After that the interrogation of the real Sumit Kumar started At the end of the interrogation, Sumit admitted that he had given his Aadhaar card and passport to Bharat Kumar himself.

It is learned that Bharat Kumar contacted a broker named Sushant Das through a website to rent a flat. After the conversation was over, Bharat handed over the Aadhaar card and passport to the broker named Sushant Das. It contained all the information including Sumit Kumar’s name and address The only picture was Bharat Kumar’s 6 Sushant Das claims that he submitted the documents provided by Bharat Kumar to the Techno City Police Station in accordance with the rules. After giving the police clearance, the key of the flat was given to Bharat He returned to Punjab after arranging for the two criminals to stay in the flat The question arises as to why the forged documents provided by Bharat were not caught in the police verification. As a result, there are allegations of negligence on the part of the local police station After Bharat’s arrest, the house broker named Sushant Das also identified him

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