The good news is, instead of two lanes, four lanes, Tala Bridge will be opened in February next year

#Kolkata: Eventually, the suffering of the people of the vast northern suburbs including Barrackpore, Sodpur, Kamarhati, Dunlop, Baranagar is about to end. The main link between Kolkata and the northern suburbs is the Tala Bridge. Also known as Hemanta Bridge.

In February 2020, due to the breakdown, it was decided to demolish the Tala bridge and rebuild it. This bridge, one of the busiest in the city, has been closed since then. As a result, the people of the northern suburbs had to travel a long way to reach Calcutta by road.

It took a long time to cross the long road to reach the destination. This time the pain will end. The construction work of Tala Bridge is coming to an end in February next year. The Tala Bridge will be opened to the public at the beginning of 2022. The cost of rebuilding the 600-meter-long bridge is Tk 365 crore. The old design of the bridge has also been changed.

In the changed situation, the two-lane bridge is now four-lane. As a result, the ever-familiar image of the Tala Bridge can be avoided. The speed of the vehicle will increase. As a result, the panic bridge is now assuring the city dwellers to reach their destination on time.

On Saturday, Atin Ghosh, a local MLA and a member of the Calcutta Municipal Governing Council, visited the Tala Bridge. He was accompanied by local ward coordinator Gautam Haldar, engineers of Kolkata Municipality and construction officials associated with the bridge. Atin Ghosh said, “The opening of the newly-built Tala Bridge in February will alleviate the traffic congestion in the city. The construction of the four-lane bridge will avoid traffic jams.”

Local ward co-ordinator Gautam Haldar said, “Emphasis is being laid on coordinating the Kolkata Municipality with the Railways to speed up the construction work.”

The newly constructed Tala Bridge will be about 19 meters wide. If the new bridge is built, the water supply pipe of Tala tank will be replaced. Will be built on the railroad for some part of the pipeline. That is why the necessary permission has been sought from the railways.


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