26th June High Tide: 26th June High Tide Fear of great danger! The state is already repairing all the dams

#Kolkata: During the war, river dams are being repaired in the coastal areas including the Sundarbans. There are about 160 km of river dams in the coastal areas including the Sundarbans. Kotal parole on the 11th is also keeping the administration in mind. As a result, the Irrigation Department has started the work very diligently so that there is no gap anywhere.

According to the State Irrigation Department, the district administration has completed the repair work of about 152 km river dam. The rest of the work will be completed in the next few days, administrative officials said. Kotal has already been warned about the next 26th. The sea level rose to 16.83 feet on Saturday from Digha to Bakkhali. The meteorological office said that the level will increase further on May 27.

Gosaba has been the hardest hit by Hurricane Yas. With the help of the residents there and the wartime activities of the Irrigation Department, the work of a part of the dam at Pakhirala, Kumirmari and Rangabelia has been completed. Work is in full swing in Dulki, Gonagaon area. The Irrigation Department says that the work will be completed by the middle of next week. Work has progressed to Kultali. Work is going on in the stone statue. Administrative officials say the work there will be completed next week. The construction of dams is in full swing in several areas including Dhablahat and Muriganga of the damaged Sagar Island. The work will be completed by the next 28th, the officials of the office said. Besides, dam work has been completed in Bajwaj, Maheshtala area of ​​South 24 Parganas along the river bank.

Although the Kotal of June 11 has been passed, the Kotal of the next 26th has kept people thinking. If the irrigation department cannot complete the work of the dam in wartime situation before that, the problem will increase. Experts say that the level of Kotal that will come on May 26 will be much higher. As a result, water will enter the village by crossing several dams. As a result, if the river dams or embankment bridges damaged due to cyclone Yas are not repaired properly, the next Kotal will be flooded again and the villages will be flooded. State Irrigation Minister Soumen Mohapatra said, “Engineers and staff of the department are trying their best. We hope that the work of the dam in the coastal area will be completed within the next 20 days.


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