Anupam Hazra Charted Flight Facebook Post after BJP Rajib Banerjee met TMC Kunal Ghosh

#Kolkata: That picture is one of the few controversial frames of Ekushey’s election. A group of leaders standing in front of a chartered flight. Former Trinamool minister and MLA Rajib Banerjee was one of those leaders who had just left the Trinamool. The day was January 30. Several Trinamool leaders went to Delhi on a luxurious chartered plane with their son-in-law. He joined the BJP holding the hand of Amit Shah. One of the passengers, Rajib Banerjee, had a meeting with Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh on Saturday. After that, BJP leader Anupam Hazra indirectly targeted the party leadership and fired on social media. Rajib had a ‘courtesy meeting’ with state Trinamool general secretary Kunal Ghosh within five months of the controversial ‘chartered journey’. BJP leader Anupam Hazra stabbed the ‘Royal Passenger’ with it.

In a post on Facebook, the young BJP leader wrote, “As expected, a Royal passenger on a chartered flight landed in another country today. The rest of the Royal Passengers are being searched. ” It is quite clear that this former Trinamool MP is actually pointing at Rajiv. Because he also went to Delhi on that chartered flight and joined the BJP.

Meanwhile, there is a strong buzz in the political arena. Is meeting Kunal just a courtesy call on Mukul Roy’s return to the grassroots? According to sources, Rajiv came in the car of someone other than the central security. The meeting lasted for about an hour and a half. Rajib’s Safai has met Kunal’s ‘colleague’, Shuvendu Adhikari, the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, and Union Minister Babul Supriya.

However, Rajib is still adamant about his Facebook post. He said, ‘I am still saying that it has been a month since a government came with this huge public support. There, if the President wants to impose rule immediately or create religious polarization, I am against it. I have also opposed the party in the past. “I have reservations from the policy point of view, I have also informed the team,” he said.

However, Anupam Hazra’s sarcasm about this is actually making the BJP leadership uneasy. Incidentally, the first bomb was detonated on Facebook after Mukul Roy returned to the team on Friday.

He writes, ‘The tragic consequence of being over-talked about 2-1 leaders during the election and disregarding or insulting the rest by lobbying despite their qualifications !!! Royal passengers of chartered flight are also missing !!! There is still time, Bengal BJP should stop lobbying and use the leaders who are sitting according to their qualifications. Within 24 hours, Anupam again stabbed the party leadership without mentioning the Chartered Floyd issue. Incidentally, Prabir Ghoshal, a former Trinamool MLA from Uttarpara, has already made it to the list of ‘Besuro’ among the other passengers on that special flight.

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