Corridor Bhullar in Bangla with arms smuggling? One Punjab policeman was arrested

#Kolkata: Exciting information in Newtowncand. Apart from drugs, gangster Jaipal Singh Bhullar’s team also joined in arms smuggling. According to sources, West Bengal was used as an arms smuggling corridor. Roads were used for arms smuggling. Investigating officers have learned that Jaipal, Yashpreet and Bharat had come to the state in disguise before. They used to go to different states to deal in arms and drug trafficking. Weapons were smuggled to Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan using West Bengal. Sumit Kumar used to help the Jaipals with their identity cards. They had drug and arms deals with several Pakistani gangs.

In the meantime, the theory of police-yoga with gangsters has come up in the Newtown shootout scandal. Punjab Police Constable Amarjit Singh has been arrested on that basis. Amarjit was friends with the arrested Sumit Kumar and Bharat Kumar. Amarjit’s ID card was matched by Bharat Kumar. Using this police identity card, the gangsters got discounts in one toll plaza after another. To avoid a search of the car, the ID card table, the police claimed.

On the other hand, multiple shots were fired at the bodies of the two gangsters. Jaipal Singh Bhullar was shot six times and Jaspreet Singh was shot four times. The bullets were stuck in the body. This information was found in the preliminary autopsy report.

According to the CID, fingerprints of another person besides Bhullar and Yashpreet were found inside the flat in Newtown. In other words, there was a third person besides those two gangsters Whether this third person was Bharat Kumar or not is being investigated In the same vein, the fingerprints of Bharat Kumar are matched with the fingerprints of the third person found in the flat.

Police have already arrested the real Sumit Kumar in the New Town case According to Punjab police sources, he was arrested from Haryana Bharat Kumar had arranged for two gangsters, Jaipal and Jashpreet, to rent a flat in Sukhvrishti Awas in New Town under the name of Sumit Kumar. Police also arrested Bharat Kumar from Punjab after the encounter in New Town

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