Forward Bloc agrees to compromise but strongly opposes CPM’s ‘crunch’ in alliance

#Kolkata: It is not a decision to break the Left Front right now, but the Forward Bloc has agreed to settle the dispute with the CPM through talks. But there are objections to the alliance. As is clear from the Forward Bloc, the common man did not accept the ground-breaking ISF or Congress alliance with the CPM. The CPM has given priority to the Left Front in these difficult times. The Forward Bloc will have a meeting on the Left Front next Tuesday. All these issues are expected to come up in the front meeting. The Forward Bloc is referring to the ISF and the Congress CPM’s two alliance partners as ‘crutches’.

According to Forward Bloc leader Narendra Chatterjee, the Left Front has been fighting for the people for a long time. Since 2016, the Left Front has started massing on crutches. And this time the Congress is the proponent of market economy on one side of the alliance, on the other side the communal ISF. People didn’t like walking around with these two crutches, that’s why people rejected us. His diagnosis is to leave this crutch and walk on his own left front. In other words, Narenbabura is giving a clear indication that they have strong mistrust in the alliance. Not only is he not leaving the Left Front, but he has no special interest in the future of the alliance, but is happy with the electoral context when he turns his back on the CPM alliance.

There is no end to the speculation within the CPM about the ISF. At a meeting of the state committee on May 29, many CPM leaders raised the issue of alliance with ISF. Most of the leaders think that the secular image has been tarnished because of ISF.

However, the objection of the Congress to the Forward Bloc remains in question. Because once it was proposed to form a steering committee with the Congress from the Forward Bloc. So is the Forward Bloc doing politics to put pressure on the front partner CPM? CPM’s state committee meeting on June 19-20. Even before that, the meeting of the Left Front. Leftists will keep an eye on these two meetings.

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