‘I made a mistake out of arrogance, I will correct it when I return to the team’, Dipendra appealed desperately to return to the grassroots. dipendu biswas want to join tmc eagerly writes letter– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Dipendu believes desperate to return to the grassroots. Fifteen days ago, Dipendu wrote a letter to the Trinamool leader. He wrote in the letter, ‘I apologize for the decision taken in arrogance. I want to work as your loyal soldier. ‘

Dipendu said he had already left relations with the BJP. He wants to work for the grassroots again. The former footballer also expressed his desire to lift the team flag from the hands of Trinamool All India President Subrata Boxi. However, he has not yet received any message from the grassroots. As a result, the former Trinamool MLA of Basirhat South has again appealed to return to the Trinamool. Dipendu said, “I made a mistake out of pride. I will correct it when I return to the team. I left the team out of anger, not out of anger. I sent a letter to Didi saying that I made a mistake.”

Incidentally, a few days ago, the CBI arrested Firhad Hakim, Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Shovan Chatterjee in Naradkand. Dipendu Biswas left the Gerua camp alleging the politics of revenge. Dipendu Biswas left the BJP by sending an e-mail.

In 2016, Dipendu Biswas won as the Trinamool candidate from Basirhat South Center. Despite winning the Trinamool ticket, Dipendu left the Trinamool and joined the BJP this year. In this context, Dipendu said, ‘He has taken the final decision after talking to his family on Sunday night.

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