Is ‘portfolio’ behind Rajiv’s flower exchange speculation?

#Kolkata: Rajiv Banerjee’s flower change next week? The speculation has intensified since Rajiv’s face-to-face meeting with Kunal Ghosh on Sunday. But why is the speculation of Rajiv’s return growing? What happened in just 4 months, which caused disillusionment in the BJP? Why did the inertia of Chartered Journey consume him so soon?

Rajib’s defeat in the May 2 polls and the huge turnout at the Domjur Center is not the only reason for this. According to the source, the “positionless” leader of the party is angry little by little. He gave time, showed patience, but there was no response from the top leadership of the party. On the contrary, the frequent visits of some leaders to the Delhi court soon raised eyebrows. According to sources, a section of the state BJP thinks Rajiv Banerjee is needed in the party. The team needs a transparent image, educated face. But another part is the complete opposite of this idea. According to them, Rajiv has no public base. The importance that Rajiv Banerjee has got in the Assembly ticket election has not been added to the foreheads of many old state leaders. According to this part, Rajiv is practically gone.

The statement made by Rajiv on Sunday after posting on social media clearly indicates that he has no more intention in the BJP. But why did this happen? Sources claim that Rajiv is still a nominal BJP activist. He has no portfolio. But after Shuvendu Adhikari, he also left the state ministry and joined the BJP. Like the leader of Balumati, he was vocal about the corruption of the Trinamool government. However, on May 2, a section claimed that there was an attempt to make him progressively insignificant. Central security forces have been given, that is to say. The scope of work was not specified at all. The source claimed that many people are now unfamiliar with the path from Joraful to Padma. Exactly what he did from the Padma camp, it was not made clear even 1 month after the results came out. So the path shown by Mukul is now making many Gerua leaders dissonant. Despite being the party’s all-India vice-president, the BJP could not do as Mukul Roy said. Now the number of such people has started increasing rapidly.

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