Local Train Service | Preparations are over, Rail is planning to launch local train service this month

#Kolkata: The second phase of the ban ends on June 15. This time, the railways sent a letter to the state asking them to run local trains this month. According to sources, both Eastern and South-Eastern Railways have written to the state seeking permission. The state has been informed that many people are taking to the streets in protest of Ruji. In this case, if the train runs less in this way, the opposite can happen, the covid may increase. So the railways want the service to be increased immediately.

Not only in the public interest but also in the economy. For a long time, only staff special trains were running, which has brought down the revenue of the railways. According to railway sources, the Howrah division alone earned Rs 58 lakh per day in April. From here it is possible to understand the amount of daily loss of railways.

At present, 342 staff special trains run in all the branches of Howrah-Sealdah. Only railway workers are allowed to board the trains. But every day the commuters want to get on the train, so their daily quarrels with the railway workers and the railway police are interrupted. This situation is virtually undesirable. Moreover, if more passengers are crowded in a train and go to the destination, the risk of corona will not decrease but will increase. This is why the railways want to resume service. The railway authorities have also made necessary preparations for it.

However, it is up to the state to decide the situation. According to sources, the state may hold a meeting on traffic on Monday. The meeting may decide on all public transport from local trains to metro

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