Madan Mitra In Naba Nalanda: Mother-in-law Madan Mitra set up a blood donation camp at the school. View …

#Kolkata: Madan Mitra, a grassroots MLA from Kamarhati, is not seen coming out of his familiar style, mannerisms, ‘Oh Lovely’ etc. Whether it is a boat or a blood donation camp. Madan Mitra, a veteran ‘evergreen’ leader of the Trinamool Congress, appeared everywhere in a completely different mood. He was found in such a light mood on Sunday afternoon. Blood Donation Camp has been organized at the initiative of daughter-in-law Swati Mitra’s school ‘Nava Nalanda Alumni’. In this corona situation, Madan reached out to encourage such a pious initiative. And that’s where the father-in-law-daughter duo was caught on camera lens.

However, at the same time, Madan Mitra encouraged the blood donation camp and said that he has just recovered from Corona so he will not be able to donate blood right now. However, he is willing to donate blood from the plasma if needed. The politician, however, did not forget to mock the anti-Gerua camp with his self-written song. He sang two words to the opposition.

The blood donation drive was held on Sunday morning at the New Nalanda School premises on Southern Avenue. The blood donation camp, organized by the New Nalanda Alumni Association and in collaboration with Bloodmates, started at 10 am. The number of enthusiastic blood donors at the school’s ‘Nalanda Bhavan’ was eye-catching.

Blood vessels in the bloodbanks are gradually decreasing. Therefore, the ‘New Nalanda Alumni Association and Covid Task Force Group’ has taken this initiative so that the patients of the state do not have to suffer due to lack of blood. Organizations like Bloodmates are collaborating. In this extreme time of blood, a group of citizens have come forward to extend a hand of trust like a friend.

When such an alumni organization is together, there is a festive atmosphere. However, this time the festival was blood donation. So his mood was a little different. Apart from the Corona situation, the alumni of this school in South Kolkata have also stepped forward to stand by the people of the devastated Sundarbans. Relief supplies have already reached remote areas of the Sundarbans. Covid Kitchen is being run by the ‘New Nalanda Alumni Association and Covid Task Force Group’. And in this way, the alumni of this ancient school of the city are living up to the promise of being by the side of the people.

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