Mukul-hawa not only in Bengal but also in Tripura! BJP’s disciple Sudip can leave

#Agartala: His distance from the team was becoming increasingly clear. He is the most popular face of Sudip Roy Barman, the former health minister of Tripura and the Biplob Dev government. Now that Mukul Roy is leaving the BJP, rumors are circulating inside and outside the BJP that Sudip Roy Barman is leaving the BJP this time. And not alone, sources said several more MLAs close to Mukul in Tripura are likely to leave the BJP.

Sudip Roy Barman, a disciple of Mukul Roy, is known in the BJP in Tripura as a man in the opposite lobby of Biplob Deb. Although he is part of the Biplob Dev government, he has been repeatedly criticized by the government. A few days ago, Sudip tied the government with the management of Kovid. He directly said that the information that the government is giving about Corona every day is like the tip of the iceberg. The situation is even more dire. In this way, Sudip has become disgusted with the revolution by saying different things at different times. Even the distance has increased with the center. In the past, Sudip went to Delhi but JP Nadda did not give him time. But still he was in BJP for so long in Talbahana. But this time the dice can be overturned. Rumor has it that those who went to the BJP in Tripura after seeing Mukul Roy can leave the party at once.

Sources said Mukul Roy has been in touch with his followers since the start of the mission. He has already handed over a list of 35 BJP leaders to Abhishek Banerjee. It is rumored that there are at least 28 MLAs and one MP out of these 35. According to sources, the team will take a final decision on who can be included and who cannot. However, there are some conditions. We will see who has won, that is, the grassroots will give priority to organizational skills. It remains to be seen whether that person has any other political affiliations besides fighting for votes.

Trinamool leader Saf has made it clear that she has taken Mukul Roy to play the previous role in the party. In other words, the Trinamool will understand the importance of Mukul Roy in all-India politics and use him. As a result, when the responsibility lies with the expansion of the empire, not Bengal, it is almost certain that Mukul will strike in Tripura before the vote. Now that Sudip Roy has started shifting the Burmese faction, it must be understood that Mukul-Magic has started work.

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