‘Mukul is gone, take Kailash to the grassroots too!’ BJP leader pleads to Mamata

#Kolkata: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh is a staunch opponent of state observer Kailash Vijay. Not only that, Tathagata Roy has repeatedly spoken out against them in public. This time, when Mukul Roy left the BJP and went to the grassroots, Kailash was again targeted. Everyone inside the Gerua camp knows that Mukul Roy was very close to Kailash in the BJP. That is why Mukul left the team and bit Kailash, known as Tathagata.

Kailash is upset over the separation of Mukul from Trinamool, so Mamata Banerjee has retweeted such a tweet as if to take him to Trinamool. Notably, he not only retweeted, he also translated the tweet written in Bengali into English. The essence of the tweet is that Mukul and Kailash were always ‘gossiping’ and ‘whispering’ among themselves. So Kailash is now ‘disappointed’ that Mukul Roy has returned to the grassroots. So request to Mamata, Nick Trinamool to take Kailash Vijayavargiya in the team.

Earlier, shortly after Mukul Roy left the party, Tathagata tweeted, “I am repeating a remark by the late CPM leader Harekrishna Kongar about all the leaders who came to the BJP from the Trinamool and have returned to the Trinamool.” People do not become weak when they urinate, they become strong. ‘

Tathagata, of course, is like that. He wants to return to mainstream politics after his term as governor expires. But the state or central leadership of the BJP did not get much response from either side. According to sources, Tathagata even wanted to stand from a center in Kolkata in the Assembly polls. But the BJP leadership rejected the letter. Since then he has been a staunch opponent of Dilip Ghosh, Kailash Vijayavargiya and Arvind Menon. And after losing the election in this state, the attack has increased uncontrollably.

On May 6, Tathagata opened his mouth for the first time. He wrote on Twitter that Dilip-Kailas have dusted off the honor of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. He also mentioned the names of the four people in the service. Tathagata writes, “Kailash, Dilip, Prakash, Arvind have tarnished the image of the four-headed Prime Minister and Home Minister and tarnished the image of the world’s largest party. I think this storm will go away. “

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