‘Mukul Roy has gone without getting respect’, will his close Dulal walk in his path?

#Kolkata: Dulal Bar, president of BJP’s Scheduled Castes and Tribes Cell, will be the pioneer of Mukul Path? This is the final speculation in the political arena. According to sources, Mukul Roy has handed over a list of 35 people to Abhishek Banerjee who want to follow him. The team will select the representative from these 35 people after verifying the qualifications. It is heard that at least seven MLAs and one MP are also in the list. Dulal Bar, the leader of Bagdar Daputa, is one of the names floating in the air. Coming into politics holding the hand of Mukul Roy, seeing Mukul Roy is without the grassroots. So when the guru is starting a new innings the disciple will not follow that path? Dulal is not ruling out any possibility in the answer. On the contrary, he is quoting Guru Mukul Roy. In his words, politics is an art of potential.

Asked to join the grassroots on the day, Dulal said, “Some leaders have to be caught in order to do politics. He was my leader during the grassroots movement, there is no room to deny. He came to BJP holding his hand. There is nothing impossible in politics. The future will tell what to do or not to do. Politics is a promising industry. Let’s see what happens.

Asked about Mukul Roy’s defection, Dulal gave a clear answer. Said, in my opinion, Mukul Roy could not fit. He also lacked respect. Didn’t discuss anything with us. I was a little MLA. If the BJP wants to increase the party, then the deserving people should be given due respect. I am still in BJP. The next time will tell what happens in the future. I have not personally contacted anyone since I did not get a ticket. As I have called the party meeting.

In other words, as Dulal says, he is still there. You are here today, you will talk about tomorrow. It will be clear then whether Dulal is under consideration or not.

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