Rajiv Banerjee at Perth Chatterjee’s house!

#Kolkata: Kunal Ghosh had already gone to his house, this time Rajiv Banerjee appeared at Perth Chatterjee’s Nakatala house. The Trinamool secretary general lost his mother on Sunday afternoon. That is why Rajiv Banerjee’s close circle is saying that this meeting is just for the sake of courtesy. However, the explanation of the political circles is that the distance between such meetings can be reduced gradually.

The explanation cannot be blown away. Because Abhishek Banerjee rushed to Perth today after receiving the news of Chatterjee’s death. One by one, Subrata Bokshi and Mala Rayra appeared. Rajiv Banerjee also appeared in this atmosphere of mourning.

Details coming, refresh the page …

-Input Abir Ghoshal

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