‘Relationship with another young man, Ratna is an adulteress!’ Shovon-Baishakhi claims to have published the picture

#Kolkata: This conflict should not be stopped. Shovan Chatterjee, Ratna Chatterjee and Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay are new twists in the conflict. Claiming to have got some pictures from the violin, this time Shovan Chatterjee took Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay by the side and claimed, ‘Ratna Chatterjee is an adulterous woman. And I walked the path of divorce because of this behavior of his. ‘ Why adulterous? Shovan claims, ‘I went on the path of divorce as soon as I came to know about the relationship of another young man with Ratna Chatterjee. I know that decision was right. ‘

Shovon and Baishakhi came on Facebook live on Sunday. The questioner was Baishakhi and the respondent was Shovon. There they released pictures of Ratna and several others. Somewhere Ratna is sitting on a swing, somewhere in the story. There are many men and women there. Although Shovon claims that Ratna has a relationship with one of the people in the film. They also published a picture of another woman smoking a cigarette there.

Shovan complains, ‘Ratna Chatterjee has a Baishakhi phobia. When I found out everything about Ratna, I told Mamata Banerjee. He advised me to leave the house. I have loyalty to Mamata Banerjee. On the other hand, Baishakhi claimed that after her arrest by the CBI, Ratna wanted to go to the Nizam’s Palace and portray herself as ‘Srimayi’, and tried to portray Baishakhi as ‘June Aunty’. Shovan even attacked Ratna Chatterjee for being addicted to alcohol.

However, Ratna has dispelled all the allegations of Shovon-Baishakhi. He complained, ‘The picture of my sitting with the team members says that it is an extramarital affair. Jiggle anyone who shows those pictures in the violin area, everyone will tell you who they are? In fact, Shovon-Baishakhi is playing Premlila, seeing that people are condemning it, they are playing another trick. But Ratna Chatterjee cannot be stopped, I will go up now. ‘

Speculation has also started about Shovon Chatterjee’s return to the grassroots. What would you say as a MLA if the party wants any opinion on that? Ratna replied, ‘Shovon Chatterjee will no longer have politics. As long as he is leaving the company of Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay, his political life will not start.

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