Shishir is still an MP, Shuvendur is threatening to implement anti-defection law as soon as the buds fall!

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy has returned to the grassroots of his son’s old house by accepting the speculation. And since then, there has been a strong fear of a change of party within the BJP. Geruya Shibir is busy estimating the number of people Mukul, who is an expert in disbanding the team, will take them to the grassroots. However, in the meantime, all the people’s representatives who want to leave the BJP, as the Leader of the Opposition, Suvendu Adhikari has warned them. In a formal tone, he said, “The episode that started with Mukul Roy did not comply with the anti-defection law. I am saying to the Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari, whether it is two months or three months, I will leave this law in Bengal as the Leader of the Opposition. ‘

Incidentally, the BJP was in danger of splitting after the landslide defeat in the Assembly polls. That is why when Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad came to fix the Leader of the Opposition in the state, Shuvendu also warned him about it. But Mukul Roy was not caught so quickly in the reckoning of Gerua Shibir. So many are fearing that a large part of the BJP could crack down on Mukul leaving the party. Subhendu’s warning is very significant in this situation.

It is learned that Mukul Roy has not resigned from the post of Krishnanagar North MLA even though he was handed over to the Trinamool Congress after three and a half years. He did not even write a letter to resign from the post of BJP’s all-India vice-president. Asked whether any action would be taken against Mukul in this case, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “We are not thinking of anything like that. He is a considerate man. Let’s see what he decides. ‘ However, Dilip Totka said, ‘None of them are cows or goats, I will keep them tied. Mukul Roy was in the BJP. So after leaving the BJP, you can call your acquaintances. However, none of those who are original BJP will leave the party. And I don’t think about those who are restless. ‘ Incidentally, Mukul Roy has already received phone calls from a number of BJP MPs who have joined the Trinamool Congress. Subhendu Adhikari’s comment is especially significant in this situation.

However, Shuvendu has targeted Mamata Banerjee over Mukul Roy’s change of team. In his words, “What Hon’ble is doing, the Congress MLA is in the Trinamool’s book, the CPM MLA is in the Trinamool’s book. Hon’ble, Trinamool and Bengal Legislative Assembly is not above the law. It is the responsibility of the Leader of the Opposition to establish the law. So I keep saying, let it take two months, let it take three months, we will implement the anti-defection law.

However, the ruling party has questioned why the BJP did not pay heed to the anti-defection law, even though Shuvendu had warned against it. Even when Kanthi MP, Shuvendu’s father Shishir Adhikari and East Burdwan MP Sunil Mandal joined the BJP, the Trinamool had lodged a complaint against them with the Lok Sabha Speaker under the anti-defection law. Although the principal has not yet taken any action.

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