Special immunization program for mentally unbalanced, backward people

#Kolkata: On Sunday, June 13, 2021, Dwish (Under AKB MEMORIAL TRUST) organized a covid vaccination in a joint venture with Techno Dama Super Specialty Hospital. 100 people are covered by this completely free immunization program. These 100 include people with mental imbalances and their families, people from backward classes, teachers with special needs, people involved in social work with various organizations and some Red Volunteers. To date, no organization has adopted a vaccination program for such people. Only Dwish came forward thinking of all these people. He extended a helping hand

A lot of thought has worked behind taking this kind of program. Dwish works with people with special needs. When vaccination started in different places, it became very difficult for the able-bodied to participate in the program. Because it is impossible for them to stand in line for hours and get vaccinated. There are many specially abled people who have difficulty moving normally. Something has to be done for them, this realization comes from Dwish.

Teachers with special needs stopped working in this overcrowded area. It is not possible for them to get vaccinated at their own expense. Many people are not getting the vaccine due to insufficient vaccine. They need vaccines to protect the boys and girls they have to work with. It is also important to protect the backward working people of the society. Red Volunteers are working tirelessly to save lives during Covid. It is the responsibility of all to keep them safe. After thinking about all these aspects, Dwish (Under AKB MEMORIAL TRUST) has started to stand by the side of these people.

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