Aiming at Delhi, Mamata is giving a big post to ‘son of the house’ Mukul!

#Kolkata: His son Mukul Roy has left the BJP and joined the grassroots, proving all speculations to be true. And it is no longer unclear whether the BJP will hold a big split in his hands. But the ruling party of Bengal wants to use Mukul Roy in the all-India case, not a change of party. Therefore, the Trinamool is going to give a big post to Mukul again as soon as he joins the team, such is the news of the source. It is learned that the Trinamool can make Mukul Roy the co-president of All India. He was in the same position in BJP.

Mukul Roy was once the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress. But when he left the BJP, no one was appointed to the post. However, this time Abhishek Banerjee was inaugurated as the All India General Secretary after a resounding success in the Assembly polls. After Mamata Banerjee, Abhishek was one of the fighters in this election. Abhishek won that battle successfully. So Abhishek was recently placed at the top of the party organization by making organizational changes.

After that Abhishek went to the hospital to see Mukul’s wife. From then on, speculation started about the return of buds to the grassroots. And he joined the grassroots on Friday with his son Shuvrangshu to make that speculation come true. Since then, the practice was going on in the political arena, what will the grassroots use Mukul? It is learned that Mamata Banerjee has made a ‘promise’ to remove Narendra Modi from the Center this time after winning the state. And for that, it is very important to unite all the opposition parties. Abhishek Banerjee has even set a goal of expanding his organization in foreign countries and winning votes. And Mukul Roy can play a very effective role in that work.

Mukul was a Rajya Sabha MP for a long time holding Mamata’s hand. He has also handled the responsibilities of several important ministries. And in that sense, the introduction of Mukul at the all-India level will be useful for the grassroots. At the same time, Mukul Roy has influence in other states, especially in Tripura. And Mamata Banerjee has also made Tripura her goal. As a result, the grassroots had to give important responsibilities to Mukul. According to the ruling party sources, Mukul Roy is a leader of that size, he is expected to have a big position. Even in a meeting with Abhishek on Saturday, Mukul Roy reportedly submitted his ‘all-India’ plan. Chanakya can be seen in an important role in all the big grassroots programs in the future.

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