Amit Mitra: Multiple claims including GST compensation, tax exemption for Kovid-content! Sarb Amit Mitra

#Kolkata: State Finance Minister Amit Mitra has spoken out on GST compensation. In a press conference on Monday, the West Bengal Finance Minister said that the states would have to pay GST Compensation. It is to be noted that so far it has been decided by the GST Council that the Center may pay compensation to the States for GST, but it is not mandatory and this compensation will be paid for 5 years. However, this time again the Finance Minister of the State (West Bengal) FM Amit Mitra).

At a press conference on the same day, Amit Mitra said that various states had agreed to give up about 70 per cent of their tax rights to go for GST. The then BJP Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi opposed the GST at the time. The then Finance Minister of Madhya Pradesh also opposed it. When the BJP came to power at the Center later, when the draft was being discussed at the time of bringing this GST, many wanted to know how the state would be compensated for the loss. The then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the financial loss would be borne by the states in the next five years. But our demand is, “GST will be paid, not tried.”

The GST Council meeting also demanded that the majority vote be given priority, the state finance minister said. At the same time, he said angrily, “The Center can compensate the loss of the state by borrowing from the RBI if it wants. I kept asking why the states were pushed to borrow from the market. But all my or our suggestions were taken away.”

A number of laws were amended, including Rule 8, 9 and 21 of the GST Council Rules. The state finance minister also alleged that this was done without informing all the members of the council. At the same time, he said, “In the last meeting, the Chief Ministers of about 9/10 states had said that the tax on Covid-19 Products should be reduced to zero during this Pandemic Situation. That was not accepted. It could have been done. At least 0.1 percent could have been done. That was not done. ” “After our objections, I saw that the tax on ambulances was reduced from 18 per cent to 12 per cent. I have not received any reply to the letter I have given to the finance minister in this regard. They are not listening. So I am compelled to speak to the people.” “

On this day, Amit Babu also spoke to the Center about the arrears of the state. He said the state owes Rs 4,911 crore. And in all, all the states owe about 63 thousand crore rupees. Amit Mitra also complained at a press conference that the council meeting was not being held regularly. His question was, “The GST Council is supposed to meet every three months. But it has not met since last October. The meeting took place after all this time. Why the meeting did not take place for seven months in the middle, could not be explained in a letter?”


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