Baisakhi Banerjee rising speculation of Sovan Chatterjee coming back to TMC Thanks to Mamata on Baishakhi’s neck, Shovon goes to Parthar’s house and spreads rumors

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy has returned to the team There is speculation that Rajiv Banerjee is also trying to return to the grassroots And this time Shovon Chatterjee’s name was added to that list After Rajiv Banerjee on Sunday, Shovan went to Perth Chatterjee’s house with his girlfriend Baishakhi Banerjee. Mamata Banerjee’s praise was also heard in the face of Baishakhi by increasing the speculation

Perth Chatterjee’s mother Shivani Chatterjee passed away on Sunday Rajiv Banerjee went to meet Parthababu yesterday On this day, around 8.30 pm, Shovan Chatterjee went to the house of Trinamool Secretary General with Baishakhi Banerjee. They were at Perth Chatterjee’s house for about an hour and a half After leaving Parthababu’s house, Shovan claimed that they had come to offer condolences to Parthababu after the loss of his mother. In Shovan’s words, “neither he nor I had the mentality to talk about politics.”

Although Shovon said this, the speculation has increased in Baishakhi’s words Baishakhi thanked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for being by his side during Shovon’s arrest in the Narad case. Not only that, he also claimed that Mamata Shovon is a member of the family Baishakhi said, “The way he has expressed his concern, stood by him and given him courage in difficult times can never be forgotten. As much as he was worried about his other three colleagues, he was also worried about Shovan. Especially in the way he has stood by in times of crisis, there is no language to express gratitude Mamata has a cordial relationship with Shovon He is like a member of Shovan’s family. “

Elaborating on the speculation of Shovon Chatterjee returning to the grassroots, Baishakhi said, “Our position is that after a turbulent election battle, the way he has won by a huge margin, we, like the common people of Bengal, have high hopes for him.” And speaking of Shovon, no matter where there is political turmoil, no matter the political difference, the place of Didi to Shovon or the place of Kanan to Didi will not change.

After this remark on the day of Baishakhi, the speculation in the political arena about Shovan’s future steps naturally increased. Because Mamata Banerjee has also indicated that the doors of the grassroots are closed for those who left the party before the election and betrayed the party. But those who left the team but did not show such inferiority, the team will think about them Shovan Chatterjee and Baishakhi Bandyopadhyay joined the BJP in 2016 Although Shovon and Baishakhi 7 could not adapt to the new team from the beginning In the end, Shovon severed ties with the BJP as Behala could not be a candidate before Baishakhi also left the team However, it is not yet clear what the Trinamool is thinking about Shovon

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