BJP Leader Resignation: BJP is breaking! The dream of seeing Mamata as the Prime Minister is the dream of BJP leader close to Mukul

#Kolkata: As soon as Mukul Roy left the BJP, a section of the BJP leadership was forced to leave the party. The latest addition to that list is Devyani Dasgupta. This time Devyani Dasgupta left the BJP following the path shown by Mukul. Devyani was the secretary of the BJP state Kisan Morcha.

Lawyer Devyani Dasgupta has been active in the BJP for several years. According to sources, this lawyer is very close to Mukul Roy. The BJP leader announced her resignation in a tweet on Monday. Devyani also explained the reason for leaving the BJP. Devyani wrote, “Mamata Banerjee left the BJP with the dream of seeing her as the Prime Minister.” But will the leader join the grassroots directly? However, Devyani’s clear answer was, ‘Whether the Trinamool will take me in the party is a party decision. ‘

Lok Sabha vote in 2024, then why leave the party now? In reply, Devyani Dasgupta said, ‘He could not work from the BJP. Although he was relieved by the BJP in one municipal case after another as a lawyer, he was removed from the BJP legal cell for some unknown reason. After the 2019 Lok Sabha, I have worked day and night for many municipal cases. But in return I was being deactivated from the legal cell. Mukul Roy is my political guardian. Now I want to jump into the goal of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee becoming the Prime Minister of the country. He further said that there was a lockdown situation, so he could not go to the BJP office and submit his resignation letter. So I have expressed my attitude through social sites.

Reacting to the resignation of BJP state Kisan Morcha president Mahadev Sarkar Devyani, he said, “She was the secretary of the committee as a female representative. I have not seen her work like that in the organization. I know Mukul Roy closely, but Devyani Dasgupta’s resignation will not affect Kisan Morcha’s organization.” However, Khabar, Bangaon, Bhatpara, Bidhannagar and many other municipalities were involved in the case.


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